Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And here we leave Jane.

So, earlier this week Prof. Hager mentioned that if we know the end of the story we will most likely enjoy it. I was thinking of this at the end of Jane Eyre. I was thinking that Jane being the narrator of the story gives us a pretty good Idea that at least she doesn't die. Furthermore she looks back at this as a journey to an end every struggle she mentions must lead to some form of redemption or growth. That mixed along with many of the clues Eyre (or Bronte if you prefer) has left us along the way leads us to some pretty obvious ends that may come. So, I guess I knew the end pretty early on in the book but I read on because the story intrigued me. I guess such is life, we all know the end but we all seem all to eager to speed through it (forgive the tangent). I was happy that Jane ended up with Rochester; although I knew she would be with him In die time. I was also glad that she separated herself from him enough to let Rochester grow (or get injured qualify it anyway you like) and give herself time to assert her independence. But I guess in the end the whole time I knew that it would end happily, with Jane becoming the virtues, and strong heroine but, I Guess the trajectory of the novel is what got me. It wasn't straight-line form destitution to a fairytale ending. It curved and swooped and made many corrections along the way until we could find ourselves at the end. All in all, I enjoyed seeing the destination of the novel because I got to see Jane’s movement towards and away from this final goal. So, I guess in the end I agree knowing something about the end may make us a little more intrigued with the journey.


  1. ohh, and BTW come see Sherlock Holmes (the final adventure) Oct. 21-23 it is fun and fun and a guaranteed good time if it is not you can rag on me personally in class I give you full permission. but in order to do this prove to me you saw the play bring a program or something.... anyway I guess what I'm trying to say is SEEEE IIITTTTTT!!!!!!

  2. In the end, the end is the end, and as much as the ends don't always have a means, if i were to put an end to it, I would have to say that the end all be all of this book, (what brought in ends meat you might say) was that the end of her journey was at the other end as the start.


  3. Perhaps we can enjoy the journey in the novel more if we have the security that it will end well and we can focus more on the "how" than the "what"?

    I'll be at the play!

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